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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Redesign CIKKMIRADOTCOM | Assalamualaikum and hello readers . It's been a long time since i active blogging and it's also been a long time since my last edit or redesign for my blog . Today I redesign my blog again. Maybe something more feminine and reflect my age i guess. I hope that my new design for my blog is clean and easy for you to read my blog. I hope it is not crowded . Let's take a sneak peak shall we .



This is mood board CM . I had stumble on a blog that share tips and tricks in design . Most of them using mood board to determine their brand. They collect sources such as pictures and stuff and blend them in together to create one fantastic design. A brief explanation regarding mood board is that mood board is an arrangement of images, materials and pieces of text intended to convey a project of particular style or concept. You pick any inspiration design and combine altogether to create a project or design that you want . It really helpful.

Design Concept

My design concept is feminine and floral . I want a simple design but combine with feminine style . There is not much different from before i guess . But i do not own the template . I don't make this template . I buy and redesign the template. I still have the slider and the slide for the testimonial. I had read some articles from blog that said you have to change your blog to responsive design . So i do know what responsive design is but i dont really know how to make it . Maybe it takes time for me to learn how to make one. Besides, i dont take any major in designing or html editing . My major is accounting and i dont have much time to learn how to make a template. I just know how to redesign it . 



Final words

I had said before that i would not post anything here . But since most of my readers are from blogspot and not wordpress , i will continue updating this blog and also my wordpress blog . Thank you for reading my blog dear.


  1. good job my dear, cantik design blog nie....kemas


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