Logo CikkMiraDotCom

Logo CikkMiraDotCom | Assalamualaikum and Hi beloved readers. Today topic is about logo. As you know having a good logo is important when you want to attract new readers or customers to your blog or businesses. Other than that, logo works well in branding your businesses. An eye catching logo is significant as it help you in  introducing yourself and showing your personalities to future readers and customers. It can help you in making your blog and businesses stand out. It is like a first impression from people to us. Therefore I create my newest logo for CikkMiraDotCom.

What makes a good logo? 


Choose a suitable font for your blog. The font should match the outlook of your blog. Do not use too many fonts. The pairing of the font should match one another so that your message through logo will be more clear. 


Too much color can hurt the eye so it is advisable to use minimum 3 colors. Use a mood board in order to make sure the color use is suitable and blend in with one another. You can use any colors such as bright and bold, pastel and even cool colors depending on what kind of style or design that you want to create. 

Graphic design elements

Use graphic elements to complete your logo design. It can be background patterns, illustration, banners, shape, texture and others

My Logo

I choose a feminine design logo for my blog. I choose a floral design as it shows that my blog provide a feminine blog design services. Although i love bright colors but when it come to design i love a design that show the feminine side of me and yet looks professional. It may not involve too many colors as i believe in creating a good logo , it shouldn't have too many colors. Too many colors might over shadowing one another but having a minimize color for blog or logo can make it blend together and make them more stands out.  My logo and my header is different. I don't put my logo at my header but i put my logo at sidebar. When i redesign my blog, I had decide to use about 5 colors which is pink, green, black, silver and white. The main colors is pink, white and black. Same goes for my logo. The logo that I create should be feminine , clean and professional.

What's  yours? Blog editing is open . You can email me at mira94.aa@gmail.com.

New Design for 2016

New Design for 2016 | Assalamualaikum and Hi readers. I hope all of you are doing great this year. What is your 2016 resolution? For me I hope that I am better than last year and I really want to improve my discipline in managing my daily routine. 

Okay. Let's get to the point. Before this I'm using wordpress and after our economy has it downturn moment right now so I think I would like to use blogspot.  Reason is that blogspot is much cheaper than wordpress in term of its hosting. I'm using Bluehost hosting for my wordpress and for blogspot I'm using NetKL. So here it is the new design for my blog. Wohoooo!

The theme is just simple flora theme and inspired by this one blog. However if want to compare that particular blog with my blog, that respective blog win as that blog is more professional looking website than mine. I hope one day my blog can look like that and look cool as well. 

I would update further later. Thanks for reading and Happy Chinese New Year all. 


Blogging 101 : Canva

Blogging 101 : Canva | Assalamualaikum and hello readers . Today i would like to share with you an awesome editing tool that you should try . As we bloggers we want to attract readers to read our article and one of the way to captivate their attention is through pictures . Not many of us have Photoshop in their laptop right? Some may google the pictures that they want and some may use their editing tools. It's all the same thing. Then how about those who do not have Photoshop or Illustrator ? How they want to have pictures or design that can attract their readers? How about start using Canva?


Canva is editing tools that help you to easily create beautiful designs and documents. Canva has feature drag-and-drop that make it easy for users to create amazing design and documents. It also have professional layout to design consistently stunning graphic . It also provide millions choice of images that you can choose. Other than that, it also has photo filters, free icons and shape and hundreds of various font. See ? It is easy to create amazing design now . 

How canva is started?

The idea of Cancva is came about when Melanie Perkins was teaching graphic design programs at University and found students struggled to learn the basics . Partnering with co-founder Cliff Obrecht , the pair launched Fusion Books, an online design tools that made it easy for students and teachers to create their own yearbooks. They soon realized that the technology they'd develop could be used much more broadly. After searching far and wide, they launched Canva with tech co-founder Cameron Adams.

How to use Canva?

  1. Head to Canva.com
  2. Sign up using Facebook/ Google/ Email
  3. Create your very own design
    1. You can use more design and also use custom dimension to suit your need

    2. You  can start from scratch or use they layouts that they offer . There is free layout and pay layouts
    3. Then , that's it . You have create amazing design. Yeay !

    I use Canva for this one.

    Redesign Cikkmiradotcom

    Redesign CIKKMIRADOTCOM | Assalamualaikum and hello readers . It's been a long time since i active blogging and it's also been a long time since my last edit or redesign for my blog . Today I redesign my blog again. Maybe something more feminine and reflect my age i guess. I hope that my new design for my blog is clean and easy for you to read my blog. I hope it is not crowded . Let's take a sneak peak shall we .


    This is mood board CM . I had stumble on a blog that share tips and tricks in design . Most of them using mood board to determine their brand. They collect sources such as pictures and stuff and blend them in together to create one fantastic design. A brief explanation regarding mood board is that mood board is an arrangement of images, materials and pieces of text intended to convey a project of particular style or concept. You pick any inspiration design and combine altogether to create a project or design that you want . It really helpful.

    Design Concept

    My design concept is feminine and floral . I want a simple design but combine with feminine style . There is not much different from before i guess . But i do not own the template . I don't make this template . I buy and redesign the template. I still have the slider and the slide for the testimonial. I had read some articles from blog that said you have to change your blog to responsive design . So i do know what responsive design is but i dont really know how to make it . Maybe it takes time for me to learn how to make one. Besides, i dont take any major in designing or html editing . My major is accounting and i dont have much time to learn how to make a template. I just know how to redesign it . 



    Final words

    I had said before that i would not post anything here . But since most of my readers are from blogspot and not wordpress , i will continue updating this blog and also my wordpress blog . Thank you for reading my blog dear.

    Shopback is now in Malaysia !

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